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064 – Black, Gay, Liberal & Atheist – Matt Slick CARM

Don't disrespect my imaginary friend

My eyeballs leaked a little last night.  One caller shared the trials of being black, gay, liberal and an Atheist living in Texas.  He has a great attitude while sharing what many would find reasonable to cause depression and anger.  Of all the challenges, the one that causes him the most grief is being black. [...]


063 Atheist Problems – Matt Slick TAG

Why Apologetics

In hopes to encourage and support those who are finding out how stressful and often difficult it is to be an out of the closet Atheist, we shared a bit from our personal lives and invited others to as well.  As always the phone lines were open and we received a phone call from a [...]

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062 – Tracie Harris Noah Lugeons Dave Foda – Moral Dilemmas

Tracie Harris - Moral dilemmas

              Rant My fuck you rant is in response to a link the ignorant and zealous red hat on backwards Joshua Feuerstein posted up.  The link is from todaychristian.net and is the catalyst behind much of the stupidity spewing nonsense making headlines on facebook news feeds everywhere.   I [...]


061 ExChristian Confessions Matthew O’Neil God Particle

aoa live

I can't even begin to tell you what an amazing show this is.  Starting with a rant on sin, modesty and whores, we then spoke with Andrea who was diagnosed last week with IIH and  then our guest, Matthew O'Neil, author of You Say That I Am joined us to discuss his new book and the [...]


060 – Atheism Is – Atheists Are


Become a master, last week we learned about atoms and this week we learned about Quantum stuffs.  So next time you sit down with Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Lawrence Krauss or any of the other brainiacs, you'll feel right at home.  Thanks to Professor Stephen we are getting what our Science Teachers thought we were. We [...]


059 – Earth, Perfectly Made For Us

atheists on air

We got scienced!  Professor Stephen took a break from the Woo and gave us a nice introduction into the history of chemistry and it's not God at all, it's atoms, it's protons, neutrons and electrons. My rant has inspired some to email me about how it makes them feel helpless, that it brings to the [...]


God’s Survey


[submitted by listener: Pariah Exile]  Thank you! Ya know those survey forms they have tucked into everything you buy now-a-days ? I hate those damn things. There was one of those survey cards sitting on the desk. One thing lead to another; this is the result, which ensures my place in Hell. This is ancient, but [...]


058 – Get Smurfed – Colloidal Silver


Sick and tired of being just white?  Want to cure what ails you?  Well then, get some Colloidal Silver and at least one of those things will be resolved.  Professor Stephen does debunks the bunk in the Snake Oil Science Woo Woo segment. Our guest tonight was Alexander Nye.  He's working on fundraising for a [...]


057 – Mormons Morality And Miracle Confirmations


You're probably wondering what appliance you buy for your home so that you can breath pure unadulterated ozone.  Find out why ionizing air purifiers will fuck you up.  Have you not joined yet?  What the hell?!  Thanks to some fantastic listeners and friends of the show, we have more free FFRF memberships to offer those [...]


056 – Poop Enema Woo – SCOTUS Hobby Lobby FU Rant

woo woo science

SCROTUM err SCOTUS has pissed me the fuck off!  Thankfully I'm not alone on this one like the time Krispy Kreme closed down for a week because of a little water damage and I couldn't get anyone to picket the assholes with me. I'm mad!  Really, really mad.  The Supreme Court's 5 Catholic, Ultra Conservative, [...]